The inspiration behind Lonesome Rider Coffee Company comes from the owner’s love of coffee.

To understand how coffee makes life richer, you have to experience life without it. After enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2007, I went on four combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. I did a majority of my third combat tour without access to a drop of coffee. Denied the drink that held so many great childhood memories waking up to the whistling of my father's tea kettle on the stove and the distinct sound that let the entire house know the savory, energy-boosting beverage would be ready soon.

For me, not just any coffee will do. During my personal and military travels; My love of coffee drew me to local shops. Theses exotic shops is where I  experienced mind-blowing flavor and after tasting pure coffee around the globe, generic U.S. coffee just didn’t taste as good. Worse, everyone around me didn’t know what they were missing! Things had to change. Luckily, I had noted all of his favorite coffee places, which became the foundation for the next step: I combined a love of Western lore with my passion for great coffee, and the Lonesome Rider Coffee Company was born. Now, our family-owned company brings coffee to your kitchen from Asia, Africa, and Central/South America. 

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pure, natural, and decadent.
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Representing the struggles of being isolated and restless for a period of time.
- RIDER - 
The faceless rider could be anyone of us searching for our dreams no matter where the road splits.