No matter how you take your coffee, every sip counts. Believe us, we understand. At Lonesome Rider Coffee, we’re infatuated with the coffee bean’s sheer potential. There’s nothing we love more than producing coffee that surpasses your expectations. And we don’t come at this casually — our family-owned company has literally gone the extra distance to offer a grind for every palate. 
We get fully scientific about our grinds and use small batches to maintain delicious quality. You have the freedom to select how you want your coffee ground — or if you even want it ground at all. If you aren’t sure which grind is your style, read on for some helpful insights and don’t forget to shop our single-origin coffee!


– Extra Coarse –
Best For
: cold brew
– Coarse –
Best For: French press & cupping
– Medium Coarse –
Best For: specialty brewing devices like Cafe Solo & Chemex
– Medium –
Best For: drip brewing (home coffee makers)
– Medium Fine
Best For: pour-overs & vacuum pots
– Fine –
Best For: espresso
– Extra Fine –
Best For: Turkish coffee & espresso