Developing our roasting process just made us nerdier about coffee (which is something we didn’t think was possible). For instance, did you know that there’s more caffeine in a light roast than in a dark roast? Fascinating! At the end of the day, though, the coffee you choose is between you and your palate, but you’ll find the perfect fit with Lonesome Rider Coffee Company.

Choose your coffee, choose the roast, and choose the grind — Lonesome Rider gets your customized, single-origin coffee to you in no time.
Learn a bit more about roast types below.   
– Medium
: medium brown
Flavor: stronger "coffee" taste
Special Feature: a favorite in American coffee shops
Our Recommendation: Sweet Home (Breakfast Blend)

– Medium Dark
: bold & dark
Flavor: slightly sweet with a bitter aftertaste
Special Feature: rich & oily
Our RecommendationWhiskey Barrel (Aged 30 Days)

Color: dark brown to black
Flavor: bold "coffee" flavor
Special Feature: used for espresso, French, & Italian coffee
Our Recommendation: Gambler (French Roast)

Color: light brown
: very mild
Special Feature: 97-99% caffeine-free. It is produced using the Swiss Water Method, a non-evasive & solvent-free process exclusive to organic coffee beans all while removing more caffeine than other methods.
Our recommendation: Peru - Decaf