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The legend of the Desperado is reminiscent too that of the infamous lonely reckless outlaw of the southern States. Well, there is nothing reckless about of Delicious Mexican Altura coffee. These delicate and delicious beans are perfectly grown pesticide and chemical free in the nutrient rich Mexican highlands, the very way nature wanted.  The natural volcanic soils exemplify the smooth high-quality taste of caramel, green apple and citrus. Our beans are picked and sorted by hand, which allows for a personal touch and ensures the quality of each bean prior to leaving the farm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Harry R
High Hopes Big Let Down!

Well…I had higher expectations for this blend especially since the price tag was higher, but in all honesty it was a complete disappointment to me! The after taste was terrible and when I smelled the fresh beans it wasn’t that fantastic aroma I’m use to with other blends! I knew from that moment I was in trouble…the beans are more on the lighter side than medium as advertised. Just didn’t do anything thing for me. But it doesn’t mean that someone else might like it and enjoy it…just not me! I’m stick’n to the trusted Vaquero from now on! 🤠

Devan Coppess


Thomas Pelava
Great Coffee

Great taste strong coffee