Vanilla Hazelnut

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This is by far the greatest combination of all time.  We carefully crafted two iconic flavors in one overly delightful blend. Vanilla and hazelnut together at last. 

All of FLAVORED Line starts with selecting the finest grade single origin coffee, then perfectly roasted per order in small batches to a smooth medium roast. Each order is then carefully flavored with high quality natural flavoring oils while still warm, allowing the your coffee to soak in the delicious flavor.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Grubbs

Great coffee!


Im very impressed with this roast. I love my coffee straight black none of this Starbucks shit. Im very hesitant when trying a flavor roast. The Vanilla Hazelnut is a medium roast, with a hint of flavor at the end. Nothing overpowering, you get a smooth delicious coffee taste with a hint of the vanilla & Hazelnut at the end.