Whiskey Barrel (Aged 30 Days)

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Ever dreamt about stepping inside a saloon and taking a shot of Whiskey but ended up with a cup of coffee? Yeah, me either! Now you can live the experience with our premium Guatemalan Robusta coffee which is carefully aged 30 days in genuine white oak bourbon barrels.  The process allows the coffee to soak in the intoxicating aromas and smoky flavors of the fire roasted oak and crafted whiskey.  The end result is a beautifully smooth and bold coffee with a special whiskey bite at the end of each sip. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Brew

This is really creamy during the pour over. Great flavor and wonderful taste. My husband and I really love all coffee. We drink it all! This was really great.

Michael Deeter
Drink it Black!

This brew is on point. I don’t normally drink my coffee black, but this one I do.

tim montano
Great coffee

I enjoyed the coffee and had great flavor but would compare it to a $6 bag.

Leslie Broussard
Whiskey Barrel

Wow...Smooth!!! A full-bodied, rich, perfect for Sunday morning coffee. A cup of coffee you will want to linger over, for sure!

Tiffany Z
Great flavor

My husband said he’s never tasted a better coffee